Our expertise to support your company's long-term growth

We work closely with our clients enabling them to maximize results and make them sustainable in the long run.

We deal with crucial aspects that affect and impact financial outcomes such as business planning (or industrial planning), capital raising from both banks and venture capitalists, business valuation, investment project evaluation, and financial planning and programming.

Financial services are provided by our Finance business unit. All our services are customized and tailored to meet the individual needs of each company.

The Business Plan or Industrial Plan is the main document for defining your business strategy, estimating your financial results, and presenting to investors. We take care of writing Business Plan from scratch in collaboration with our clients’ management, and carry out feasibility studies or final revisions.

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It is a complementary service with which we complete our offer for startups that are shortly planning to carry out a fundraising round and want assistance in pitch preparation and need a professional and comprehensive deck with which they can present themselves to investors —  the visuals will be taken care of by our communication branch.

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Hai una start-up e il tuo obiettivo è crescere e svilupparti sul mercato italiano? 

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We help our clients’ management decide whether or not to make a particular investment and what return to expect. We develop financial models to calculate the most accurate and reliable return-on-investment metrics for both simpler projects and more complex and onerous projects such as launching new products or opening new stores.

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They are the most quantitative part of the Business Plan or Industrial Plan, but they do not always have to be part of that document. We work closely with management to develop bottom-up as well as top-down approaches both at the company level and at the level of individual business units or individual products/services to analyze their medium to long-term profitability and sustainability.

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