We are young, digital and we’ll never stop learning.

Junior Enterprise Bologna

We are a Junior Enterprise, a management consulting firm run by students from the University of Bologna. We have been providing professional services since 2016, and specialize in Digital Marketing and Finance. JEBO is nonprofit, in fact we reinvest all profits into training and opportunities for our associates.

We are part of an international network of more than 1,200 Junior Enterprises in 44 countries, which, by encouraging the exchange of ideas and best practices, becomes a hub of unique potential, a training ground for entrepreneurship, a centre for the discovery and development of talent.



Being an accelerator of valuable initiatives.
Creating a dynamic and cohesive environment that allows students to bring out and nurture their talents.

Our Values

Dream Team
The combination of study, work and, why not, a little bit of fun, characterises the path within each Junior Enterprise.

We are all university students, distinguished by a deep desire to grow within a dynamic, innovative and constantly evolving reality. We aspire to have a network of trust, where we support each other in the name of personal and professional learning. We dream, with our eyes open, of a reality that, thanks to the commitment of all, we will be able to achieve in the not too distant future.
Energy Driven
We are energetic and passionate, qualities that allow us to constantly see the bigger picture, to grow and stimulate the growth of those around us, boasting an innate and irrepressible enthusiasm that guarantees the success of every effort.
Game Changers
Our team is made up of young people who not only think outside the box but also aspire to be visionary leaders. We are ready to seize every opportunity and accept challenges to create innovative paths to change the status quo.
Growth Hub
Why join? Energy, ambition, teamwork and result orientation drive our association to a collaborative culture that helps us and our clients to realize their aspirations and our growth.

Thanks to JEBO, you will be able to apply what University teaches you, try different fields of work, grow digitally, develop soft and hard skills, build a network with students from your city and all Italy.
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Our story

Entirely run by students, JEBO acts as a training ground for entrepreneurship for boys and girls who want to have highly formative experiences and build valuable relationships through constant training and the application of concepts in the field. Energy, ambition, team spirit and result orientation help create a collaborative culture that helps members and their clients realise their aspirations. 


Birth of JEBO

Founded in 2015, JEBO become the connection between academic and work worlds


Recognized as Junior Enterprise by JE Italy

JEBO is officially recognised by JE Italy, moving from Junior Initiative to Junior Enterprise.


JEBO is impact zero

JEBO has reduced its environmental impact to zero by planting 50 avocado trees and reducing CO2 emissions by 30 tonnes.


Winner of the Excellence Awards

JEBO wins the “Sustainable Development” award as the best Junior Enterprise in Italy in terms of sustainable growth.

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Our Units


The Audit Area was born out of the need to create a system to control performance and internal processes. The figure of the Auditor is necessary to guarantee an efficient organisation and quality output through the support he offers thanks to his personal experience within JEBO.

The members of this team are certainly top players.

Communication & IT

Are Social Networks your daily bread? Are you interested in Websites?
The Communication & IT Department manages JEBO’s social pages, website and blog. 
Behind the appearance there is a lot of strategy: choice of the type of content to be published,
timing, sponsorships, copywriting and much more.
News is the order of the day.


Luckily there is HR. HR takes care of the internal life of the association, coordinates the two annual Recruitments, manages the selection of the most suitable resources for the projects and ensures a growth path for each member, all thanks to intensive profiling and our Buddy programme.

The data to be collected? Plenty!


The Legal Area is the legal section of our Junior: composed entirely of law students, the Legal Associates provide continuous legal advice to JEBO in all areas. From the drafting of by-laws and regulations, through the legal management of activities, to the drafting of contracts.


The Marketing Department is responsible for meeting the client’s needs on an operational level. Market analysis, funnel and SEO strategies for the development of customised marketing plans for companies, online and offline marketing strategies, data analysis and event management.

Our marketers have no limits. 


On the front line for Junior. The Sales Area takes care of customer relations across the board. From studying the customer journey to converting potential customers and drawing up Business Proposal, we always aim to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our sales staff are always ready for new challenges. 


The association’s finance division: this area brings together the brightest minds in finance at the Alma Mater. By providing strategic consulting, they maximize — and first and foremost make sustainable — the results of SMEs, Startups and large Corporations.


Advisors are professionals from outside the association. They support the board and members by helping them achieve certain strategic objectives, providing training and offering opportunities for growth and development.

Riccardo Tran


Jessica Malfatto

PR Strategist

Jacopo Mele

Digital Life Coach


Ambassadors are people closely linked to JEBO who support our activities. A pool of close associates is extremely diverse in terms of skills as well as professional and personal background. The added value is mutual: opportunities for growth are created on both sides.

Nicola Gallazzi

Sales Area Manager

Federico Dalpozzo


Andrea Tinti


Alessandra De Tomasi

Human Resources Director


Alumni are former members who have graduated but remain one of JEBO’s most important assets. They represent an important bridge to the post-graduate route.

Hebron Samuel Tekeste

Thanks to JEBO, I had the opportunity to test and improve my leadership skills and experience what it means to be responsible for other people, for their results and, especially, their mistakes. 

Hebron Samuel Tekeste
Alumnus, Near-graduate in Business And Economics in Bologna

Andrea Mangone

JEBO was the key to develop my problem solving and smart thinking skills, a good school for your future career. 

Andrea Mangone
Alumnus, Near-graduate in Laura Magistrale in Economia e Legislazione per L'Impresa, Bocconi

Alberto Guerra

JEBO was an opportunity that allowed me to grow both professionally and personally, giving me the chance to express my qualities. 

Alberto Guerra
Alumnus, Near-graduate in Finanza, Mercati e Istituzioni

Cristian Andreozzi

JEBO was the right opportunity to help people around me grow, and helping others is the best way to develop ourselves. Network, Pragmatism and Education.

Cristian Andreozzi
Alumnus, MSc Management Bocconi, ex PM The Web Factory, Founder Momento, Coach Ambizione Italia - Microsoft

Alessia Possamai

The experience I gained in JEBO allowed me to introduce myself to the work world with an important competitive advantage, compared to my peers.

Alessia Possamai
Alumnus, Specialized Master Program in Marketing e Comunicazione, Bocconi

Francesco Mantovani

JEBO gave me the possibility to learn in the fieldwork what would be impossible to learn from academic books. 

Francesco Mantovani
Alumnus, MSc in Business Administration at Amsterdam Business School

Il nostro Network

JEBO is part of an Italian, European and global network of Junior Enterprises.

JE Italy is the Italian confederation to which all Italian JEs refer. At the moment there are 30 JEs throughout Italy, but the number is constantly increasing. JEBO can count on the and its JEs.

The same applies to the European JE Europe confederation, which offers continuous opportunities for discussion, numerous trainings held by competent people in different sectors, and the exchange of best practices among members and associates of the whole network.

Moreover, JEBO actively cooperates with other Junior Enterprises in projects and provides advice both at national and international level.

Talking about us